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Simply Sexy

Women are constantly looking for ways to turn men on and keep them interested. We are in a constant battle to become “sexy” at all times and grab our man’s attention.

The Most Embarrassing Text Message Mishaps

Oh, I am sure this has happened to everyone. As soon as the cellphones have been invented, we cannot really blame auto correct all the time for some text message mistakes that we make.

Woman On Top Sex Positions – Part 1

Most couples often think of the bedroom as a place where their battle of wills happen. While some men want to be domineering, others just want to go with the flow.

Video of the Day

Rear Entry Family


Put on your apron and start a cake, we promise


With a misleading name, the “acrobat” position


You never knew there were so many variations on

69 Family

The Face Off

The Face Off is yet another creative position t

69 Sideways

This position is the oral ideal.

69 Kneeling

Warning: Not for the weak of back.

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