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Thu, 08/02/2012 - 10:39 -- amber

The first time we met, nothing was expected from one another. We had talked so much before that encounter online, we felt confident that anything that could happen we would be prepared for. That was until he pulled up to my house in his car. The sound of his engine hummed as it turned the corner onto my street, the sound sent a tingling sensation down my spine. He was a street racer, very skilled at it to. Something about it being illegal or dangerous, or the sound the cars made as they sped down empty roads way past the intended speed limit had turned me on. Being in it as he drove was electrifying.

As I got in I looked over at him. He sat comfortable in such a small car as tall as he was. I smiled and looked down bashfully, not sure what was going on his head. Twenty minutes prior to that point when we had decided to meet up finally, he asked me if I was okay with chilling for the night. I told him I was nervous about it, after talking for two years and finally being in the same area for a minute, we had the opportunity that we were waiting for so long for. His only response to my fears was "Don't be nervous, just come out". Some how his word soothed me.

"Can I finally kiss you?"

We drove off my street and turned into the main road. I felt his gaze and smiled, blushing slightly. When he spoke it took me by surprise, his New York accent was heavy, smooth, and blended perfectly with his Dominican accent. It was a mixture between the two, but it was sexy nonetheless. I looked over at him and met his stare, he smiled with a satisfying smirk planted on his face. I loved the way he smiled, even if he didn't. We had always talked on web cam, and already knew the features if each other that we liked the most. We lied each others smile, he liked my eyes & of course my breast. I liked how he spoke, his deep v-cut and the way it led to his strong shaft.

He pulled into a random neighborhood and parked. After a while we had a random conversation that lasted thirty minutes. I looked away and smiled hard. He had that affect on me. I looked up at him and our locked eyes once again. He smiled and said "Can I finally kiss you?" I nodded trying to conseal my ever growing smile. He leaned in and placed his lips upon mine. His lips were so soft but firm. I felt a rush of heat run through my body, from my head down to my toes. Accompanying this sensation was a strong tingle, placing the most sensitive parts of my body on fire. These lips of his had a magic touch. Things quickly heated up after that. He slid his hand up my blouse, massaging my breast, gently tweaking my nipples. He places his soft lips on the side of my neck, kissing and using his tongue in a circular motion. This was the spot that could turn me on automatically, he used this to his full advantage. I reached over and grabbed his cock through his sweatpants. It was hard and ready for anything. I pulled it out and began to stroke it. I was surprised as to how big it was, but it turned me on anyway. I then placed my lips upon the tip of his dick, wrapping my tongue around it, drawing a figure eight, moving my way down his shaft. Hearing him breathing harder as he played with my breast turned me on even more. I pulled up and kissed him deeply, things quickly got heated. I looked up through his back window when I noticed someone pulling up behind us. We readjusted ourselves and tryed to figure out a secluded place to go and continue. He had an idea and quickly drove off. My mind was spinnng, not knowing where this night would go, how far things could end up, but I was excited. I wanted him more than words could describe, I wanted to feel his lips everywhere, his hands gripping me as a sign that he wanted more, his fingers exploring all my key spots.

We came to a stop at a dark side road, to make things more comfortable we got in the back seat. He motioned for me to climb on top of him. He then pulled my breasts from my low cut shirt and sucked on my sensitive nipples. I moaned at how good it felt, his tongue dancing around each one, sucking softly. I leaned down to kiss him and managed to lick around my nipples as he did. I reached down to stroke his dick, felt harder than before. He undid my pants and slid his hand inside, pushing me back to lay down. Our lips met again as he played around with my clit, sending shivers up my spine. Eveything was moving so fast, we couldn't slow down, we had waited so long for this, patience was not ours to keep. Before I knew it he straddled my chest and slid his cock between my breast. I sucked the head as he moved between them. Soon he was back at my neck. The windows had fogged up completely, I was only thinking that I wanted more of him, and I was sure he wanted the same of me. I could only anticipate him pulling of pants, sliding my now soaked panties to the side, and entering me slowly so I could feel all ten inches of his dick inside me, continuing and speeding up his pace, bringing me to my first orgasm with in minutes. The passion filled the car, sweat rolling down our half naked bodies, glistening off his strong chest and stomach, dripping onto my tits and making its way down. We took a break and opened the car door. The cold air hit us in the most satisfying of ways.

It was getting late and he had to work early, and I had to deal with school. We dressed and he drove me home, I had so many thoughts bouncing around in my head. I finally had the night that I was waiting for. As we pulled up to my house I looked over at him. He motioned for me to come closer and planted the perfect kiss upon my lips. For that moment, the way he motioned for me to come to him with his finger, the sly satisfying smile he had, and the way his lips felt so soft against mine, was the sexiest way to end that night. He drove off and the sound of his engine as he sped down the street only made my knees weak. Guys who street race have a certain sex appeal.

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