Valentine's Day

Sun, 02/02/2014 - 15:04 -- amber

While waiting for upcoming Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to share a story about my last one. Hope you enjoy reading it and definitely email me your stories at [email protected]!

We made a romantic candle-lit dinner together. Yeah, it was cheesy, but in a nice, don’t-knock-it-til-you-try-it way. He kept caressing my knee and leaning in to kiss me at random, so I knew we were both pretty worked up and ready to move on with the evening. When he offered to do the dishes, I slipped upstairs and into my (insert jazz hands here) brand new lingerie.

Now, I've never been a lingerie kind of girl. I've always thought a bra and underwear or hey, no clothes at all, was sexier, and I might still think that, but I found this cute corset-laced bra/ruffle skirted G-string on sale and figured Valentine’s Day might be worth a change of pace. We have amazing sex regularly, but that doesn't mean it’s time to get lazy.

When he finally made it upstairs, he found me lying on my stomach on his bed, reading a book, with a blanket covering just enough to let him know I was wearing something special underneath. He rolled the blanket down slowly and exhaled deeply as it revealed my ass in the skirted thong. I’m not gonna mince words here - I have a fantastic ass, and it was highlighted like never before in my get-up. He rolled me over to my stomach to get a proper view of the front.

For a moment, he just stared. “Nobody is as hot as you.”

“No,” he finally said. “I don’t want to fuck you here just yet. Get on the couch.”

I obeyed coyly. I love when he acts like he’s in control, knowing that I can take that power from him at any point. I sat down and he stood in front of me, a clear invitation to drop his pants and get to work on his cock. He sprung out of his boxer briefs, already rock hard, and moaned as I wrapped my slobbering mouth around him. I can’t usually take in all of him, but I could tonight, and he nearly came right then and there.

It wasn't long before he picked me up and flipped me over so I was kneeling on the edge of the couch, facing away. He slid into me from behind and soon we were fucking like mad. I was gyrating on his dick, alternating between slow circular hip movements and hard, fast, thrusting backwards, all through a stream of dirty talk escaping out my lips. He was pushing in and out of me hard. He pulled my hair, wrapped his hands around my throat, and used my bra back as a handle. I was in heaven, but far from fully dominated. “Whose dick is that?” I panted. “Yours.” he answered through labored breathing. “Damn straight. And this is YOUR pussy.”

We never did make it to the bed. We fucked on that couch for what seemed like hours. At some point, I was riding him as he sat, and he undid my bra and reattached it so the clasp was in the front, continuing to use it as a handle. When I finally gave him permission to come, he came harder and longer than I’d ever seen, and appeared to be in shock for minutes afterwards. I wish I could remember more details, because damn, it was amazing.

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