Building a Relationship over the Internet

Sun, 11/24/2013 - 23:33 -- amber

Can one build a trustful and long-lasting relationship over the Internet? This question has always been a big bother to many of us. The Internet is highly known to be full of con-artists and not-very serious people. Despite this, many of us find it irresistibly hard to not look and hope to find love over the Internet. If you barely have free time to meet people, or have just moved to a new town where you barely know anyone, Internet dating could be the thing for you. To make that relationship a success, this is what you ought to do:

Self disclosure: Once you meet someone over the Internet, do not rush the relationship. First get to know each other better. Never give all your information at one instant, instead, make it gradual. The initial stage will require that you know each other’s names, where you come from, the work you do, and each other’s likes and dislikes. Never bring into discussions things that may abruptly break down the communication like past relationships.

First time meeting: Once you have known the person you have been chatting with over the Internet, the next stage is to meet him/her in real life. The first meeting is like a first date, so always strive to make a lasting impression on that person. After all, we are usually judged by how we carry ourselves during the first five minutes of a meeting. In addition to this, drag your friend along to keep an eye of what’s going on, but don’t bring them to the table. Let them sit at a far end. If a friend is unavailable, then ensure that you meet in a public rather than a private place.

Keep the love alive: If the first meeting ends up being a success, then, keep on working on the relationship. Communicate more often, meet occasionally, and, open up other channels of communication other than the Internet. You could start texting each other, making phone and video calls as well as sending each other small notes, letters, gift cards or presents.

Build the relationship off the Internet: If all of the above channels work well, kindly cut down your communication through the Internet. Understand that you are in a new relationship and want to see it work. Maintaining your Internet accounts may lead you to temptations of meeting other people hence compromising your current relationship. As it has always been, the role of the Internet is to link you up, the rest is up to you.

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