How to Make Your Bedroom Sexier

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The bedroom is the only place in the house where more than one task takes place. It’s only in the bedroom where relaxation, rest, intimacy and love get to be experienced. To serve all these requirements, it ought to be special, unique, appealing and very sexy. To make your bedroom sexy for you and your partner, the five things that you have to do is make it feel, look, smell, sound and taste sexy. Here are some tips to go about this.

To make it feel sexy, start by changing the most important things such as the beddings. For instance, silky sheets are perfect especially during the summer to enhance a sensual touch to the skin. Soft comfortable and throw pillows should as well be included plus a nice rug to rest your feet or to use when you want to try a different position on the floor.

To make it look sexy, you need to change a few things such as the color of the walls, some furniture and other essential things that are purposely used to decorate the room. Ensure that the room is not cluttered, use light color shades for the wall paint, have one or two vases with fresh flowers all through and adopt wall hanging that showcase landscapes rather than ones with people’s portraits. Similarly, use light sparingly so that the room isn’t so bright such that it kills the intimacy.

To make it feel sexy, start by changing the most important things such as the beddings.

To stimulate your senses, let your bedroom smell sexy. By this, you can use fresh flowers, incense or scented candles. It’s always advisable to use natural aromas like lavender and sandalwood rather than artificial perfumes. Also, to make the room smell fresh, open the windows and let the fresh air in.

Next, you’you've to make it sound sexy. Here you’ll be required to play some nice soothing and soft music to encourage relaxation and serenity. The music can then be left to play on the background has your continue with your other intimate activities.

Lastly, you have to make it tasty. This doesn't mean bringing in food to the bedroom but instead it means having drinking water nearby, a few fruits, chocolates and most definitely flavored lubricants. This will ensure that you remain hydrated all through the night as well as get to share a few bitings. At times, it’s not all about the sex but instead being able to enjoy feeding each other in a sexy and exciting way.

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