5 Indicators He Only Wants Sex

5 Indicators He Only Wants Sex

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 14:26 -- kylerichtig

People seek relationships for different reasons. Some may be seeking love, while others are only after sex at the moment. Read on to see if your man is only interested in sex.

1. He will not spend the night

If your guy always has a reason to leave after sex, sex might be all he's after. This is especially true if the reason he needs to leave is different every time. It may mean that he needs to get home to his wife. Does he let you come over to his house? Gauge his nervousness at the idea of you staying at his house for the night.

2. He only wants to hang out at his place or yours

Some people are very introverted, and are homebodies. However, if your guy always has stories about going out with his friends or coworkers, but never wants to go out with you, it may be because you can't have sex at a restaurant, (he thinks!).

3. He refuses to talk about his life

Guys may want to keep conversation less personal if they are only looking for sex. They are able to separate love and sex, and therefore withhold what they may provide to a partner they love. These men are also most likely to dodge questions about their feelings. They will find any way to wiggle out of a "Where is this relationship going?" conversation.

4. He has many recent stories about many different women

Unless these friends are long-term friends, this may mean that your guy is at least open to other possibilities. When he tells stories of his many female friends, ask him how long they have known each other and from where. They may be ex-girlfriends circling like vultures. A good indicator you are only a sexual friend is if he refuses to introduce you to his existing circle.

5. He frequently breaks plans for other people

The best indicator that he is not interested in anything other than sex is frequent breaking of plans. If he is prioritizing other activities over you, it may be because there are additional sexual opportunities at this venue. If he is breaking plans with you for someone else, ask if you can tag along. Finding out your man is only interested in sex may take more than asking him. Evaluate his actions to ensure you pick up on any clues that he may be missing. He might not even be aware that he seems to be only looking for sex.

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